When it comes to forklifts, tires are more than just a part of the machine; they’re the foundation that keeps everything moving smoothly. Just like you need the right shoes for different sports, you need the right tires for your forklift depending on the job. Let’s roll into the world of forklift tires and find out how to choose the best ones for your needs.

Know Your Forklift Tire Types There are a few different types of forklift tires, and each has its own special job. ITCO Sales, a leading supplier in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers a variety of these, including:

  • Press-on Cushion Tires: These are usually made of solid rubber and are pressed onto the wheel. They’re great for smooth indoor surfaces.
  • Solid Pneumatic Tires: These are like cushion tires but tougher. They can handle outdoor work and don’t get punctured easily.
  • Polyurethane Tires: These are super for indoor use because they roll around easily and keep the forklift from slipping.
  • Pneumatic Industrial Tires: These are the all-terrain tires of the forklift world. They have air in them and can handle rough outdoor surfaces.

Consider Your Work Environment Think about where your forklift is doing its heavy lifting. If you’re indoors on a smooth warehouse floor, cushion or polyurethane tires might be your best bet. But if you’re outside where it’s rough and tough, you’ll want pneumatic tires that can handle the bumps.

Look at the Load How heavy is the stuff you’re lifting? The weight can really affect your tires. Heavier loads might need solid pneumatic tires because they’re strong and won’t pop like a balloon. Lighter stuff? Cushion tires could do the trick.

Don’t Forget the Foam Fill At ITCO Sales, they offer something called foam fill for tires. This turns regular tires into never-flat wonders. The foam replaces the air in pneumatic tires, so you won’t have to worry about a flat when you’re in the middle of a big job.

Mobile Services to the Rescue What if your tire goes kaput on the job? No worries! ITCO Sales has mobile services that come to you for repairs. They can press on new tires or fix flats right where you are, so you don’t lose precious time.

Making the Choice Choosing the right tire is all about where you work, what you’re lifting, and how much downtime you can handle. With over 40 years of experience, ITCO Sales not only has the tires you need but also the expertise to help you make the right choice.

In Conclusion Picking the right forklift tires is a big deal. It keeps your business rolling and your machines lifting. So, take a good look at your forklift’s workday, talk to the pros like those at ITCO Sales, and get the tires that fit just right. Your forklift will thank you with years of tire-ific service!

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