Solid Pnuematic Tires

Otherwise known as Pneumatic Shaped Solids!

Solid Pneumatic Tires

Tulsa Forklift Tire Sales

Solid pneumatic tires provide great performance in some of the toughest forklift applications. They are manufactured with a steel reinforced base for a perfect fit on their respective wheels. Being solid, they wont go flat, they are cut resistant, and they don’t wear as quickly as their air pneumatic brother. Because they won’t go flat, you never have to worry about being down a lift waiting on a flat repair again! These are the most common forklift tires for outdoor construction sites. Opposed to air pneumatics, solid forklift tires are puncture proof. No splinters or loose nails will slow down production. They also provide the best grip on any kind of terrain whether its concrete, loose gravel, or a smooth warehouse floor. You will not have to worry about sliding or slipping.

We also have a few different tread options for whatever your material handling needs are. Whether it be trenching through mud with your wide-lug tires or driving in your warehouse on your Non-Markings, our Tulsa forklift tire sales associates can find the right solid pneumatic tires for whatever you need.


Get The Right Forklift Tire

Selecting The Right Construction Tire

Forklift Tires come in many different sizes, treads, and types depending on the application you are using. Not only is important to get the right forklift construction tire for your equipment, but also for where you are using it. You would not want to use indoor tires in an outdoor environment. If you are needing help selecting the right tire for your job, call ITCO today at 918-445-1834. We will help you get the right forklift tire and extend the life of your equipment, saving you operating costs. 

Tulsa forklift tire sales

GS Solid Tires

Tulsa forklift tire sales

Nexen Solidpro Tire

Tulsa forklift tire sales

Solideal Magnum Solid Pneumatic Tire

Tulsa forklift tire sales

Solideal Xtreme Solid Pneumatic Tire

Tulsa forklift tire sales

Solideal Xtreme Grey Non Marking Solid Pneumatic Tire

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