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Skid Steer Tires

We keep a large quantity of pneumatic and solid skid steer tires in stock with different options for different preferences and conditions. Our pneumatic skid steer tires have a wide lug tread pattern that makes sure you always have grip and won’t be left stranded. They are constructed using high quality materials for maximum tire life and resistance to cutting and chipping.

Cusion, Caster and Load Wheels

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Polyurethane Tires

Polyurethane Tires are the higher load-bearing version of a non-marking cushion tire. They are commonly used on electric lift trucks, stand up lifts, and other warehouse equipment.

Solid Pneumatics Also Known as Pneumatic Shaped Solids

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Solid Pneumatic Tires

Solid pneumatic tires provide great performance in some of the toughest forklift applications. They are manufactured with a steel reinforced base for a perfect fit on their respective wheels. Being solid, they wont go flat, they are cut resistant, and they don’t wear as quickly as their air pneumatic brother.

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Pneumatic & OTR Tires

We offer a large range of pneumatic tires for almost all industrial applications and can foam fill them to eliminate flats. We keep a wide variety of forklift tires in stock. Since forklifts don’t normally have a suspension, on solid tires, they ride pretty rough, but by switching to pneumatic tires; it will give you a more comfortable ride making the job easier on you.

Rubber Press-On “Cushion” Tires

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Cushion Tires

We offer a variety of molded cushion tires that go on most indoor and warehouse equipment. We carry a massive stock of all the common cushion tire sizes and even some of the obsolete “odd ball” sizes so we have what you are looking for, when you are looking for it.


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Poly Fill Flatproofing

Our blended Poly Fill tire elastomer goes into the tire in liquid form and cures to create a solid, compact, rubber-like material which takes the place of air in tires and eliminates the problem of flat tires. Instead of riding on air, you ride on a soft cushion of polyurethane!

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