From the 4.10-4 tires on your dolly to a 23.5-25 on your massive front loader, we can service all your industrial pneumatic and OTR tires. Do solid tires ride too rough for you and your forklift? We offer a large range of pneumatic tires for almost all industrial applications and can foam fill them to eliminate flats. We keep a wide variety of forklift tires in stock. Since forklifts don’t normally have a suspension, on solid tires, they ride pretty rough, but by switching to pneumatic tires; it will give you a more comfortable ride making the job easier on you.


Have a massive front loader? We can foam fill those tires to help eliminate flats and the headache of replacing the tire. We will even arrange for a pick up and install! And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, give our sales associates a call and they will help you out with any questions you may have.


Don’t forget to ask about flat repairs. If any of your Industrial pneumatic or OTR tires goes flat, let us know and we will fix the tire. Weather you come to us, or we come to you, we will fix your flat as quick as we can so you can get back up and running! Don’t forget to ask about our CAREFREE dolly tires. It’s a solid compound that weights maybe a pound heaver than the normal air tire.



Skid Steer Tires

Ask about our wheel exchange program!

We keep a large quantity of pneumatic and solid skid steer tires in stock with different options for different preferences and conditions. Our pneumatic skid steer tires have a wide lug tread pattern that makes sure you always have grip and won’t be left stranded. They are constructed using high quality materials for maximum tire life and resistance to cutting and chipping.


Our solid skid steer tires come in multiple tread options that span from our aggressive Powertrax D-Trac tread built to withstand the worst of conditions to smooth for use on the more delicate of surfaces. Do you have pneumatic skid steer tires? Don’t worry! Just let us know and we can get you a new set of solid skid steer rims that will bolt right up to your skid steer.


We also offer solid and poly filled pneumatic assemblies for most skid steer makes and models. All you have to do is bring in your old tires and wheels or bring your unit and we will exchange them on the spot. That way you can be back up and running without worrying about down time of flats when you go with the poly fill or solid tire option. Give us a call to see if your skid steer qualifies for our tire and wheel exchange program!




Polyurethane Tires

Cushion, Caster, and Load Wheels

Polyurethane Tires are the higher load-bearing version of a non-marking cushion tire. They are commonly used on electric lift trucks, stand up lifts, and other warehouse equipment.

They come in all different chemical make-ups such as soft, standard, or high load bearing. The soft poly tires provide a softer ride than normal poly tires to prevent excessive bumping. Our high load bearing poly tires, however, have a higher load capacity than the normal poly tires. We also offer traction tires in many different shapes, such as, Smooth, Diamond tread, cross groove, and laser siping. Just let us know what you need and we can make it happen!

We also keep the roller versions of polyurethane tires in stock. These typically go on the front of pallet jacks and stand up lifts, and can be installed on site.

Available in: Smooth, Diamond Tread, Cross Groove, and Laser Siping.




Solid Pneumatic Tires

Otherwise known as Pneumatic Shaped Solids

Solid pneumatic tires provide great performance in some of the toughest forklift applications. They are manufactured with a steel reinforced base for a perfect fit on their respective wheels. Being solid, they wont go flat, they are cut resistant, and they don’t wear as quickly as their air pneumatic brother. Because they won’t go flat, you never have to worry about being down a lift waiting on a flat repair again!


We also have a few different tread options for whatever your material handling needs are. Whether it be trenching through mud with your wide-lug tires or driving in your warehouse on your Non-Markings, our knowledgeable sales associates can find the right solid pneumatic tires for whatever you need.




Cushion Tires

Rubber Press-On “Cushion” Tires

We offer a variety of molded cushion tires that go on most indoor and warehouse equipment. We carry a massive stock of all the common cushion tire sizes and even some of the obsolete “odd ball” sizes so we have what you are looking for, when you are looking for it.


We also carry a wide variety of treads and compounds to match your specific needs. Need a little extra traction to get up a ramp? Just let us know and we can install a traction version over the basic smooth option. Do you have nice floors and want to keep them that way? Ask for our Non-Marking tires. Non-Marking tires eliminate those ugly streak marks that come from normal black rubber tires keeping your floors nice and clean looking.


Below is a list of some of the options of cushion tires we carry or can order. If you don’t see your tire size here, don’t worry! Just give us a call and to ask one of our knowledgeable and experienced sales associates will do whatever it takes to help you out and get your equipment back up and running.