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Eliminate Flat Tires


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Poly Fill Flatproofing

Our blended Poly Fill tire elastomer goes into the tire in liquid form and cures to create a solid, compact, rubber-like material which takes the place of air in tires and eliminates the problem of flat tires. Instead of riding on air, you ride on a soft cushion of polyurethane!

Mobile Flat and Pressing Services

ITCO services

Mobile Services

At ITCO Sales we offer mobile tire pressing at your site for solid pneumatic tires and press on tires. We also offer mobile flat repair for industrial pneumatic tires. In house tire pressing is available for those who prefer to visit us.

We can come to you and inspect your fleet!

ITCO services

On Site Survey

Have a warehouse full of forklifts? Can’t remember every single tire size and what brand they are? We understand how big of a headache that can be. This is why we offer a FREE on Site Survey!

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