Mobile Industrial Tire Services

Mobile Flat and Pressing Services.

Mobile Industrial Tire Services

We know that downtime costs you money! With little down time, ITCO Industrial Sales Corporation provides excellent value to our customers in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. That is why Itco Sales Corporation offers mobile services. It is, by far, the most efficient mobile tire-pressing fleet in the area. The average on-site time to replace all four tires on a forklift is about an hour or less.

We understand that non-functioning equipment means you’re losing money. Our mobile press trucks are equipped with everything we need to change standard forklift tires on-site. What this does is minimize downtime so you can be back up, running, and making money in no time.

Do you have flat tires? We can also fix that. ITCO’s mobile services can also come on-site to you to fix your flats on your forklifts or other industrial equipment. We carry a wide assortment of tires, tubes, and flaps in stock so we can get you taken care of quickly no matter what you need.

We also offer in-house tire pressing, and repairs for those who wish to visit our Tulsa location. With extensive product knowledge and training, ITCO Industrial Sales Service technicians have the skill and experience needed to fully cover our service areas and the array of tires and wheels we supply to industry.

Our service experience is one of our greatest assets in supporting our dealers and customers throughout Oklahoma since 1979.


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