The Basics Of Construction Tires

It doesn’t matter if you are new to construction tires or have tons of experience. There are certain basics and principles to abide by when using them or speaking with a dealer. Let’s cover some of the elements to take into account when consulting a construction tire dealer or operator.

Size, Tread, And Construction

Ensuring that you have the proper dimensions for the machine you are operating will ensure that you have the correct fitment. Using the wrong size tires can lead to premature wear and damage to your equipment. Also, having a good understanding of the application will help you choose the correct tread pattern. Are you working on a rough surface? Are you working on a smooth surface in a warehouse? These things matter when deciding which tire you need to use. There are also several different types of tire construction. Radials, foam-filled, and airless are all different types of tire technology and should be considered based on the application you are working on. So it is imperative that you know your equipment and your environment.

Where To Find Information About Your Current Tires

Most information regarding the dimensions and tire ratings can be found on the sidewalls of your tires. Things like the size, brand, rating and safety information is printed on the side walls of tires. When you are looking to replace tires, you should always use OEM tires or close equivalents if OEM tires are not available.

Load Index and Speed Symbols

Not all construction tires are created equal. These are indicated by the load index and speed symbol on the tire. Certain tires may be rated to carry X load at Y speed, so be sure to get the properly rated tire for your application.

Call A Professional

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