Why You Should Use A Cushion Tire Forklift

There are several different methods of handling materials, and each type of material requires different methods. There are forklifts designed for each type of job out there. When it comes to indoor applications like warehouses, cushion tire forklifts are the most common choice. These forklifts are usually a little smaller than standard forks, but come with many benefits.

Amazing Stability

One of the most common forklift accidents is loss of stability due to overloading. Cushion tire forklifts have lower ground clearance and therefore, a lower center of gravity. This helps them to better balance loads and maintain that stability throughout. This gives a better load to lift margin without compromising the safety of the operator.

Maximize Storage Space And Mobility

Because most cushion tire forklifts are electric, they have a much smaller build. This allows for easier mobility in smaller spaces and less storage room used.

They Come With Lots Of Cost Savings

To maximize the profits of your company, you want to dial back operating costs. These compact forklifts have far less moving parts than their diesel counter parts. The cushion tires they use are far cheaper than pneumatic forklift tires and are damaged less as they are made of solid rubber.

Cushion Tire Forklifts Are Safer To Operate

We already discussed how the smaller size of the frame allows for operation in smaller spaces. The cushion tires are also smaller in diameter which results in a greater turning radius. This reduces the amount of backing accidents during operation.

Better For Your Health

Due to cushion tire forklifts being electric, they do not have the emissions of diesel forklifts. This results in cleaner air and healthier operators. They also operate much quieter, saving your hearing once you are done.

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