Cushion Tires And Solid Pneumatic Tires, A Comparison

When it comes to solid forklift tires you have 2 basic options, cushion tires or pneumatic tires. Which one you go with greatly depends on what you are using it on, and what you are using it for. While they are both made of solid rubber, they greatly differ in design and structure. Cushion tires and solid pneumatic tires should not be treated as interchangeable. 

Work Environment

Cushion tires have a much lower profile, and are smoother than their solid pneumatic counterparts. This makes them ideal for working indoors such as warehouses on smooth floors. They are more efficient and extend the life of the tire and the equipment.
Pneumatic tires are more bulky, and a lot more sturdy. They navigate easier in rough terrain outdoors, in rocky or gravel environments. This makes them the ideal forklift tire for working on pavement or in wetter environments where traction is important.

Size Of The Tire

As previously stated, cushion forklift tires are smaller than pneumatics. This helps with turn radius and navigation in close quarter operation. Solid pneumatic forklift tires are not designed for indoor use as they are counted on to navigate rough outdoor terrains. And it takes a larger size and bulkier construction to do that.

Construction Of The Tire

Cushion tires are solid rubber all the way through, but they are only one piece all the way through. The difference in pneumatic tires is that they may consist of 3 or more layers of rubber compounds. This gives the advantage in outdoor environments as cushion tires would not only overheat, but they would take a serious beating from the load. However, cushion tires come in multiple tread options. You can get more tread if working in wet areas or smooth tires if it is dry.

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