Cut Forklift Operating Costs

Covid 19 had a massive effect on businesses of all sizes. No one, regardless of their size, was immune from the effects of slow economy and even slower operations. Due to this effect, many businesses had to find ways to save dollars on company operations. And regardless of your industry whether it is in a warehouse, construction site, retail store, or any other business, you had to find a way to cut forklift operating costs. One of the biggest ways of doing so is with lithium ion batteries.

Saving On Maintenance

Lead acid batteries require much more maintenance than their lithium ion counterparts. If you operate a forklift using lead acid batteries then you already know what we are talking about. Just maintaining a space to perform battery maintenance is expensive. This is where you can save the most. Lithium Ion batteries require zero maintenance. This means less down time and zero need for a battery room for storage and maintenance. You can now utilize that same battery room space for storage for incoming goods, materials, or tools you need to perform your job.

Saving On Downtime

Lead acid batteries take a long time to recharge when they run down. They also require a cool down period after charging before they can be put to work. Lithium ion batteries are not only fast charging to save that time, but do not have a cool down period requirement. Less downtime means more working hours and productivity for your business. Not only that, but the lifespan of a lithium ion battery is often twice as long as a lead acid battery, meaning less replacements.

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Now why would the forklift tire company be telling you about batteries? Because we want to give you all the information necessary to keep your business going. We believe that informed customers are happy customers, and while we can’t sell you a battery, we can absolutely help you with information and the best forklift tires you can find. Call ITCO sales today for tires and tracks for your forklift or skid steer today!
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