Thinking About Forklift Tracks?

Rubber tracks are used on many different kinds of specialized equipment. Everything from excavators to forklifts to skid steers. They are even used on walk behind dump trucks and track loaders. These are a very important piece of the equipment you are operating and provide numerous benefits. Rubber tracks can:
  • Reduce downtime
  • Provide a smoother ride
  • Cut operational costs
  • Provide more stability than tires
  • Provide additional safety
There are countless rubber track options on the market. A lot of them look the same, but provide different benefits. It is important that you use a high quality construction track with the right tread pattern for your application.

Don’t Tread On Me

Treads that do not have a deep enough lug will not provide the grip and traction you need. If you are working in wet, muddy areas, you are going to need a deep lug that is heat resistant. Otherwise you are looking at wearing your tracks out prematurely. Also, make sure your tracks are made out of proprietary rubber. Tracks that are made out of recycled rubber tend to fail quickly. Our tracks provide more resistance to cutting, chunking, and gouging.

Metal To The Core

Rubber tracks should be manufactured with special heat treated cords and cables that will keep them from rusting in moist atmospheres. This is important to consider a part from the cost. As you can tell, there are many factors that go into the kind of tracks you should be using.
The experts at ITCO Tire can help you get the right track for your forklift or skid steer. Just give us a call and one of our forklift experts will help you find what you are looking for. We are the largest provider of forklift tires and tracks in Oklahoma. Call us today!
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