Get The Most Life Out Of Your Tires

When it comes to industrial tires, nothing is tougher. These tires stand up to the roughest terrains and harshest weather conditions. But that does not mean that they don’t wear out. And you can wear them out prematurely if you aren’t taking care of them or using them properly. Here are some of our tips to get the most life out of your tires.

Make Sure The Sizes Match

Industrial tires need to have the same diameters. If they don’t, one will have a longer track than the other and bear all the load. This leads to overheating issues and in turn, a prematurely worn out tire. When working on rougher terrains, smaller tires will not have the clearance over rocks and boulders. This will also cause you some serious wear and tear issues. Try to avoid quick fixes like over or under inflating tires to get them to match. This will do you no good in the long run. Always use tires with matching diameters.

Do Not Use Single Tires On Dual Assemblies

Dual assemblies are designed to spread the weight across 2 wheels on a single axel. Using only one tire will cause overheating issues. It may also lead to rim damage. If you have a dual assembly, use two tires to prevent damage to your wheels and equipment.

Proper Inflation

As mentioned above, there are obvious reasons to avoid under inflation of tires. Furthermore, this leads to not only overheating issues, but exposes them to cracking and damage. It also quickly wears out the liner inside. On the other hand, over inflation exposes the steel cords to more shock, which can cause them to break. It will also wear out the center of the tire faster causing issues with tread and traction.

Using Proper Rims

Not all tires will fit on every rim. You need to use the proper size rim in order for the tire bead to seat properly. Using the wrong rim exposes the tire to bead damage. Also, not all lifts are designed to use just any rim. Make sure the proper rim is being used to avoid damaging your equipment and costing you time.

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