How To Choose The Right Forklift Tire

Forklift tires come in a few different categories. You’ve got your pneumatic tires, polyurethane tires, and softer cushion tires. Each one is suited for different applications. It is important to consider what your working conditions are when choosing the right forklift tire.

What Are Your Working Conditions?

Naturally if you are working indoors, like a warehouse, you are going to have to consider what safety conditions you need to follow. Most would prefer a non marking tire that won’t shed harmful rubber compounds inside. So polyurethane is an obvious choice for this. However if you are working outside and need more traction or sturdier compounds, you will want to go with a pneumatic tire.

Conserving Energy

A way to keep costs down is operating the forklift for as little time as possible. One way to do this is to have tires that have minimal resistance. This keeps your forklift running smoothly and saves you on fuel costs. This also means less down time for electric forklifts because you will not need to charge them near as often.

Prevent Heat Build Up

When forklifts are subjected to heavy loads, everything heats up. This means you are going to need a tire than can handle long runs and over speeding runs. The hotter your tires get, the faster they will wear down and need replaced.

Tread Design

There are countless tread patterns for forklift tires. The one you need is going to depend on the traction and grip you require to get the job done. If you are working in gravel and rocks, you are not going to want a smooth tire that is prone to damage from sharp edges.

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