To be certain, forklifts are the modern workhorses of every industry. And, without the aid of suspension, industrial forklift tires continuously absorb punishing loads. So, it is very important to choose the correct type of tire for your forklift. When it comes to handling, safety and durability, solid forklift tires are the top performers overall.

Industrial Forklift Tires

Solid rubber tires, non-pneumatic tires or elastic tires, all refer to the same thing. Specifically, we are talking about solid industrial forklift tires. Because of their toughness, reliability and long life, solid tires are the best choice when it comes to forklifts. Without a doubt, their biggest advantage is that they are non-pneumatic. In other words, there is no air in the tire. And so, there are no worries when it comes to punctured tires and blowouts.

Forklifts with solid tires work some of the toughest environments. For instance, they are used in glass plants, lumber yards and scrap yards. Because of their airless design, they can sustain damage without needing to be immediately replaced. The result is less down time due to maintenance issues. In addition, solid tires are able to handle higher weight loads than air-filled tires. More often than not, solid tires are the best choice for industrial applications.

Potential Limitations

Like all good things, solid tires come with a downside. Specifically, operator comfort is sacrificed to these solid wheels. Unlike their air-filled counterparts, solid tires can be so punishing on the driver that some rougher outdoor terrain prohibits frequent use. However, this is a minor drawback considering the many benefits of solid forklift tires.

Always remember, pick the tire that is best suited to the task. Since 1979, ITCO Sales has been Tulsa’s go to solution for mobile industrial tire service. If you need forklift tire service, contact ITCO sales today.

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