Industrial Tire Services

How do you know if you are using the right kind of forklift tires? How do you know if those tires need replaced? Well, let’s go over some of that.

Pneumatic and Cushion Tires

Typically cushion tires are what you would use for indoor applications. Smooth warehouse floors and light outdoor asphalt. Pneumatic tires are what you would want for outdoor applications. Places like gravel and construction sites. They also have a greater ground clearance than cushion tires. So you can move around a lot better on rough surfaces.
Pneumatic tires also come in two different types; air or solid rubber tires. Air tires are more like what is on a passenger vehicle and solid rubber is exactly what it sounds like. Solid pneumatic tires are the industry standard for construction. These tires do not take damage from punctures and debris like nails around a lumber yard.
Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom
Smooth tires actually give you more traction on smooth surfaces like in a warehouse. You also get more tire for your dollar. However, if you have a lot of moisture in your environment, you are going to want a traction tire. You should know though, that tire warrantees are void if you use a traction tire on metal truck ramps.

The Tire/Truck Matchmaker

If you are wondering if you can put pneumatic tires on a cushion truck, the answer is no. Forklift frames and axels are specific to tire type due to lifting capacities. So always make sure you use the right tires on the right truck.
And if you are wondering where to get the right tire, you have come to the right place. ITCO Tire Sales is the number one provider of Tulsa industrial tire services. Call us today!
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