Operating A Forklift In The Rain

We have had no shortage of rain in Oklahoma in the last month or better. These cloudy skies and wet conditions have put a huge damper on getting most tasks done. However, the work must go on. Now some of the hazards we are facing when it comes to operating a forklift in the rain are obvious. Trying to use your brakes at a reasonable speed on a smooth surface for example, proves to be difficult. It is important to take precautions and warn your employees when work must be done in this kind of weather.

It Gets Harder To See

Even if you have brand new wiper blades, your windshield can become obstructed by rain drops and streaks. Also working in darker environments due to all the clouds can greatly decrease your visibility. As you transition from an indoor area to an outdoor area, it can be more difficult than doing the same thing in normal dry conditions. Be on the look out for these kinds of problems.

Take Your Time

While it may be tempting to work quickly in the rain to hurry and get the job done, this can take a toll on your reflexes. Do not get into a rush and cause an accident, or drop a poorly balanced load from your forklift. Rushing to escape the weather may be more hazardous than working in it!

Environmental Changes

Inexperienced drivers may easily lose control on wet floors. This also takes place when it is cold and icy outside. Train your operators to slow down and be aware of structural floor changes when it is wet outside. These precautions will help you in the long run.

Maintenance Effects

There are differences in maintaining batteries and tanks in colder wet weather. Keep your trucks clean and inspected often for damage or wear due to the rain. Using the proper forklift tires on your truck can help with grip and increase work efficiency as well. Contact ITCO Sales today for more information on getting the right tires for your forklift.
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