Using Solid Pneumatic Tires

Unlike their air counterparts, solid pneumatic tires are made of solid rubber. Consisting of multiple layers of rubber, these tires are highly resilient and don’t go flat. The compounds these tires are made of lead to them being able to stand up to harsh conditions.

Better Stability And Better Traction

These are the go to tires for outdoor jobs and applications. They provide an increased grip due to the different tread pattern options. The tread patterns are well defined, allowing them to grab on to uneven surfaces and slippery surfaces. Coming in extremely handy when working in wet conditions. Also coming with a square footprint, there is more contact area on the ground. So when working in an area where stability is important, you should go with a solid pneumatic tire.


We have already discussed how they can not go flat like air pneumatic tires can. They also stand up very well to rocky surfaces and abrasions. So rocks and sharp objects will not cause wear and tear on your tires nearly as fast. This means lower maintenance costs in the long run as well.
Additionally, solid pneumatics will disperse heat much quicker. The different rubber compounds in the tires keep heat from building up near as fast, so they also will not run down.

A Softer Ride

Solid Pneumatics also absorb shock better. This provides a cushioning effect when working outdoors or on rugged terrain. Many operators consider this a benefit if they have to spend long hours on their forklifts. A more comfortable ride leads to more productivity.

Get Yours Today

Of course there are times when you are going to need other options, but by and large more operators are using solid pneumatic tires whenever they can. If you are looking for a better ride and longer life for your forklift tires, call Itco Tire Sales today.


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