What Kind Of Warehouse Forklift You Should Buy

If you are working indoors and have the need for a forklift, there are factors to consider. Because they come in so many different classifications, it is important to consider the needs of your business first. Let’s figure out what kind of warehouse forklift you should buy based on these classifications.

Different Forklift Classifications

While there are actually seven different types of forklifts, only the first three are designed for indoor use. So that helps us already narrow 4 types out of our search.
Class 1 Forklifts – These are electric forklifts and are crucial when air quality is a concern. If you are in a smaller enclosed environment, not breathing exhaust is important.
Class 2 Forklifts – These are narrow aisle forklifts. They are also battery powered, yet the ideal warehouse forklift. They navigate and can move inventory in and out of tight spaces with ease.
Class 3 Forklifts – This electric forklift is hand operated and designed for the quick loading and unloading of delivery trucks. Only used for very short distances.

Different Types Of Forklifts

Even with these different classifications, there are still different types. Let’s review some of them.
Counterbalance Forklifts – These types of forklifts have the forks in front with the heaviest weight in the back. The most common type of forklift and what most people think of when the imagine a forklift. They use the weight in the back to offset the weight of the load they are carrying. There are also a few different types of counterbalance forklifts including 3 wheel options.
Side Loaders – The operator of these stands in a compartment next to the loader and slides along shelves. These are not designed for operation while turning.
Pallet Jacks – These are pretty straight forward. Can be manual or electric and are designed for moving pallets in and out of warehouses quickly just above the ground.
Reach Trucks – Extending up to and over 20 feet, these have up to a 12,000 pound lift capacity.
Order Pickers – These are designed to lift the operator up and down to individual items on shelves. Making them the ideal lift for order fulfilling warehouses and storage facilities.

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