When Should You Replace Your Forklift?

If you work in an industry that requires forklifts, much of your production revolves around their operation. So keeping them going is crucial to keeping your business running. However, like all equipment and machinery, they wear out. Do you know when you should replace your forklift? There are signs to look for one wearing out and when it does, it is time to upgrade.

Excessive Wear And Tear

It is normal to have scheduled maintenance on your forklift. But if you are noticing that it is taking more and more to keep it running, it may be time for a replacement. Constantly replacing parts just to keep it running is going to affect your bottom line more than the production you could get done. It’s just no longer worth fixing. If you are noticing
  • worn out chain
  • clogged lines
  • leaking hydraulics
  • battery issues
  • bad suspension
  • your mast wont lift
  • trouble steering
then it is time to start looking for new equipment. These are the things that will nickel and dime your business to death.

Time Is Money

When your forklift isn’t working, you’re not working. Not only are you seeing an increased cost of repairs, but your operators are not producing. This results in countless dollars lost per hour. With the increased cost of operation, this is not something that many businesses can afford. Keeping spare lifts around isn’t a viable solution either. It is better to make sure that you have working equipment when you need it.
You simply cannot prevent your lifts from wearing out. But you can prolong the life of those lifts with regular scheduled maintenance. Not only will it keep you up and running, but it will prevent accidents and hazardous work conditions. Call the professionals at ITCO Sales for your forklift tire and construction track needs now. Stay on top of your equipment with help from the professionals.
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