When To Replace Your Forklift Tires

Keeping the wheels rolling is imperative when it comes to keeping your business productive. Forklifts and skids are expensive pieces of machinery and keeping them operating and up to date on maintenance is important. It is surprising how overlooked forklift tire maintenance is, and how confusing it seems to be. Knowing when to replace your forklift tires will not only keep your costs down, but your operators safe as well.
The average carry for a forklift is nearly 5 tons. Due to the fact that forklifts have no suspension at all, the tires are carrying the brunt of every load and drive. At some point, all of those loads, unloads, starts, stops, and turns are going to wear those tires out. So we are providing you with the information necessary on when to change those tires based on the type of tire you are using.

Cushion Tires

These smooth tires are only designed to be used in doors. Minimal outdoor use is ok but not advised. While these tires tend to be cheaper than their pneumatic counterparts, they also wear out faster. Look for the wear line just above the tire size. If you are getting close, it is time for a replacement. Other signs of wear and tear are chunking, cracks, tears, and splits. Also, flat spots in the tire due to stopping abruptly can wear out parts of the tire faster than others. Uneven wear can cause damage to your equipment.

Pneumatic Tires

These are your outdoor forklift tires. Built for tougher terrain, enhanced grip, and longer wear. They come in air pneumatics and solid pneumatics. Solid pneumatic forklift tires are more expensive as they are made of solid rubber. There is a common 2 inch rule on the wear of these tires, although you should simply keep an eye on the treads. If you notice uneven wear among your tires or lugs showing outside the tire, it is time to replace them. Visible cuts can lead to air loss in your tires, so look for damage. Proper inflation is key to even wear and prolonging the life of your pneumatic tires.


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